Historically, photographers charge for a photography session (or sometimes do the session for free) and then make money selling paper prints.  And albums.  And framing.  And all sorts of trinkets like coffee cups and mouse pads with your photos printed on them.


Today, when everything is computer based and information is typically transmitted digitally, the majority of people don’t use paper prints very often.


If Grandma in Idaho wants a picture of your new baby in Texas chances are you're gonna send one from your iPhone to her iPhone.  Or if Grandma happens to be even moderately tech savy, you send it to her computer.  Or maybe you upload it to her internet connected digital picture frame.


On the rare occasions when Grandma wants a paper print she prints it out on her color printer.  Or maybe she wants a print on canvas so she sends the digital image to Wallgreens or some such place, they print and frame the canvas print, and mail it wherever Grandma wishes.


So, we only sell images digitally delivered directly to your internet connected computer or smart device.  We don’t sell paper prints, albums, engagement books, or coffee cups with your dog’s picture on them.  (Actually we do, sorta.  When you view your photos on our website there’s a link allowing you to transmit the image to a professional lab in California where they’ll do all that sort of stuff.  You can pay for the prints through the website and the company hosting our website takes a 10% cut of the lab fee, but we don’t make a dime on it.  The prices you see are our costs.  We don’t handle the transaction either, that’s done by the website hosting company and the pro lab in California.  Or you can just download the image and do all that stuff yourself at Walmart or somewhere of your own choosing.  Which, personally, strikes me as the best way to go.)

  • When we arrange an INDOOR portrait session for you or your family, you select whether you want to have it done at our location ($250 flat fee) or your location ($350 flat fee).  No add-ons, extras, upgrades or other fees.  
  • An INDOOR portrait session is 3 hours.  That’s 3 hours actually in front of the camera.  Camera/lighting setup and tear down time is included in the flat fee and is done on our time, not yours.
  • No fee is required up front if your INDOOR portrait session is done at our location.  You pay only when you decide to purchase the entire gallery of images.  Individual images are not offered, only the entire gallery at the above referenced fees.
  • If you book an INDOOR portrait session at YOUR location, only the $100 booking fee is charge up front in order to cover our travel/setup expenses.
  • The booking fee is refundable or transferrable up until 24 hours before your scheduled session.  If you cancel less than 24 hours before your scheduled session time the booking fee is non-refundable.
    Your INDOOR portrait session also includes an unlimited number of outfit changes.  You get to wear as many different changes of outfit as you can manage within your 3 hour session.  
  • As many family members as will physically fit within the space limitations can be included, altogether or separately, within that 3 hour period.  
  • Pets can be included as long as they don’t have more than 4 legs or try to eat our Huskeys 
  • We will probably use two different backgrounds, one black and one white, and multiple lighting setups.
  • About a week later you will receive an email linking to your personal proof gallery hosted on our website.  All the images produced during your photo session will be viewable at that time.  Some few will have been retouched as examples, most will be exactly as they came out of the camera.  There will be a watermark across the proofs and the proofs will not be downloadable.
  • If you like the results you may purchase the images by credit card, PayPal, or personal check if you prefer to mail it to us.  If you don’t wish to purchase the images you are under no obligation to do so and no action on your part is necessary.  
  • The images are offered ONLY as the entire group, downloadable directly from our computer to yours, or to your smart device.
  • When you complete the purchase, about two weeks after payment you will receive another link to your completed portrait gallery.  The images will have been retouched, the watermark removed, and you can download your entire gallery to your computer or smart device.
  • Your personal portrait gallery will remain on-line for your viewing for about 3 months and then be removed.  The images will remain on our computer for about a year and then be deleted.
  • You own the digital images.  You do not need our approval to print, reproduce, publish, or do as you please with your images.  They are yours.
  • OUTDOOR portrait sessions are available on a customized individual basis.  Tell us where you would like the photography to take place and we will quote you a flat fee.
  • We do not do equestrian photography, wedding photography, or controversial settings/subjects.